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The KAU school is one of the best schools of Almaty, corresponding to the models of the Kazakh and American schools. The main task of the KAU School is to develop a full-fledged personality and intelligence in the younger generation. Studying at our school gives your child the opportunity, in parallel with school education, to play music, sports, drawing and develop the cognitive and creative powers of talent.
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School of multifaceted possibilities

Benefits of the KAU school

Teaching a child in a good school is every parent's dream.

It is at the KAU school that you can get a high-quality education, which guarantees in the future to enter a prestigious university and join the ranks of the best students.

Your child's successful life begins within the walls of our school.
Convenient location of the school
The school is located in an ecologically clean area, near the center of Almaty
Optimal class size - up to 20 students
Allows teachers to pay attention to each child
Full day school
The educational process takes place from 8:00 to 16:00 under the strict supervision of teachers
School delivery
Safe transportation of children to school and back home
Classes with a native speaker
English is studied with a native speaker, which allows you to perfectly master a foreign language.
While studying at school, children improve their creative thinking, logic, spatial thinking.
Leadership development
School self-government provides an opportunity for self-realization and self-development.
Busy school life
The school has hobby groups where a child can develop his skills and abilities.
Improving soft skills



Hello and goodbye, golden autumn!
Holiday "Hello and goodbye, Golden Autumn!" was fun and interesting. Students of the first 1d2, 1d3,1d4,1d5 grades of the KAU School participated.
Halloween at KAU School
Happy Halloween was held at KAU School!
Merry starts
Young athletes took part in the sports competition "Merry Starts"

Primary education

The educational program at KAU Primary School is aimed at the harmonious development of the individual. In addition to the academic disciplines provided for by the state standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the lesson schedule includes: logic, rhetoric, speech and speech creativity, various electives in English, entertaining mathematics. The elementary school has a network of circles: vocal, visual arts, dombra, robotics, choreography and sports sections: karate, chess, football, table tennis.

Much attention is paid to the study of languages ​​at school: Kazakh and English.

Stay of students in elementary school from 8.30 to 16.10 (Mon-Fri), provides 3 meals a day, compulsory self-study at school, school transport, round-the-clock security, medical monitoring of the health and nutrition of students, high professional level of training of teachers.

Basic and general secondary education

Education and upbringing of a comprehensively harmoniously developed personality, able to freely navigate in the international space, fluent in the Kazakh, English and Russian languages, already within the walls of the school, having decided on the choice of a profession and received knowledge of its basics, striving to find a worthy place in society and be a true patriot of her Homeland - the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Education in students of the school of civic responsibility, patriotism and internationalism, which corresponds to the state policy of stability and mutual understanding between people of all nationalities, cultures and religions.

Developing its international activities, the KAU School will provide equal opportunities for education for both citizens of Kazakhstan and foreign citizens, representatives of different races and nationalities, without exception. At the same time, based on the "Law on Languages", the school provides comprehensive support for the state - Kazakh language.
Purpose of the KAU School program:
Education and upbringing
comprehensively developed
Civic education

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