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1 june 2020

So the first academic year for the youngest students of the school ended. The year flew by quickly and completely unnoticed. Children gained new knowledge, mastered the rules of behavior at school, met new friends and made best friends. The school year was very productive and interesting. The students of the first classes managed to visit interesting museums of the city, to visit the jungle PARK for New Year's celebration, to participate in cultural events: "Initiation for students", "March 8", in sports events: "Come on, boys" and “Merry marathon” The educational process was not difficult and boring, students always took an active part in various international Olympiads. First-graders first tried their hand at the Olympics, many received diplomas and certificates.

This school year will go down in history. School and country, for the first time tried the introduction of distance learning. Our school worked 4 quarter online. Pupils and teachers quickly adapted to the new educational format of instruction. Children were always present at the lessons and enthusiastically switched from one lesson to another. Sometimes they rubbed their eyes in the first lesson, but still beautifully dressed and ready for the next school day, they greeted their teacher in 3 languages. Despite the occasional problems with the Internet, everyone tried to connect on time, complete homework on time, and review the lesson on the working platform. Parents were also always on-line, always there and accompanied their beloved children from the beginning to the end of the lessons. In general, our first graders are pioneers who first gained knowledge in this format.
And it is very unfortunate that on May 25 they will not have a standard large solemn line in the school yard, with a speech by the school principal and presentation of letters. Nevertheless, curators will try to make May 25 special in the life of wonderful first-graders and their parents.
Today, the first classes (1d2, 1d3, 1d4, 1d5, 1d6, and 1d 7) are one year older, and now they will give way to new first-graders, and they themselves will proudly sign their notebooks as “student” of the 2nd grade." Ahead of them are waiting for the first summer vacation, which the children will spend with good!

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