UNESCO Associated School at KAU is a subdivision of the Kazakh-American University.
The school has come a long way. First it opened its doors in 1998.
The first year there were opened one 11 and two 10 grades in the school, in one of the grades the teaching was provided in Russian, the other - in English.
In 1999 the school opened another grades, from 7 to 11, where teaching went in English. The first teachers were S.S. Gracheva, V.I. Ivanenko, K.T.Taychikova, M.Sh.Shozhenova, G.B.Askarova, who work at school and at the university up to now.
Since 2000 the school took children of 5-6 grades with teaching in Russian, including 30% of the glossary in English in the classroom.
In 2003, the School at KAU was associated by UNESCO.
Primary Educational Complex of School at KAU was established in 2002.
The history begins with the fact that in February 2002 at the Kazakh-American University there was opened a pre-school group of different ages “Sprout” and in April there was held a presentation of the Primary Educational Complex, which included a senior and middle group of 36 children.
In September NEC opened its doors for school junior level. The first year the NEC opened two 1st grades, one 2nd and one 3d grades with teaching in Russian. The same year in the NEC there were opened some interest groups like chess, karate, sports clubs, educational games, dancing, singing, fine arts studio.
In 2006, there were opened two 1st grades with Kazakh language teaching.
The pioneers of the NEC and primary school teachers are M.T.Atabaeva, I.V.Abrosimova, I.P. Krivoruchko.
In 2007 -2008 school year, there was a merger of the basic school at KAU and primary educational complex, which includes preschool - preparatory group, primary school, and secondary school.
In 2014 the school at KAU passed the state certification as a comprehensive high school, which provides training on state standards and updated programme.
In 2014-2015 academic year in a pilot mode there was conducted testing of the upgraded model of secondary education at the school.
Trilingualism has successfully implemented at the school in teaching some subjects in English.
Today the school has 257 students in 0-11 grades.