The main idea is to enable the organization of the educational process of the school closer to the international requirements, including such elements as:
- Optimization of student teaching load by increasing the diversity of forms and carrying out independent work, including with the teacher;
- The division of the learning process and knowledge control, holding the input slice of knowledge independent of the intermediate and final control in writing in all subjects;
- Formation of the responsibility for the results of the student's own work;
- The intensification of individual training account educational needs and abilities of students, including the provision of opportunities for gifted students engaged in individual educational trajectory.

The main purposes and objectives of the School:
- disclosure of the potential and personal qualities of students;
- develop motivation to learn;
- the formation of independent thinking and the ability to freely express themselves, to be responsible towards others, to show them respect and cooperate with them;
- formation of intellectual, creatively thinking personality prepared for the training at the Kazakh-American University in the English language;
- preparation of highly educated pupils, capable to continue their studies at prestigious universities in Kazakhstan and abroad;
- the creation of a continuous learning process and the necessary training and methodological support to KAU in English.

Conceptual positions:
- Personal approach pedagogy of cooperation;
- Success - the main condition for the development of students in learning;
- Comfort in the classroom, goodwill, mutual assistance;
- Consistency, consistency of content of educational material;
- Differentiation, the availability of reference for everyone.