Board of Trustees - a form of social control by the educational institution.
Board of Trustees - a form of the role of society in the management of education, a non-governmental, public, non-profit organization uniting on a voluntary basis of all those interested in the development of education and the particular educational institution.
Board of Trustees - is not just a support and funding, and the dialogue with the authorities on behalf of the school and the dialogue of the school on behalf of civil society.
The objectives of the Council:
• Full participation of parents in the educational process of the school;
• Creation of conditions for the development of creative activity of the teaching staff, aimed at identifying and developing the abilities of the individual student, the effective implementation of creative, intellectual and physical potential;
• Improving the educational process at school;
• Assist in conducting of school health, sports and other cultural events;
• Assistance in strengthening the material-technical base, landscaping, facilities and school grounds;
• Activities of the Board are based on the principles of legality, voluntariness, equality, openness and self-management.