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13 may 2021
The song did not stop at the front.

The song did not stop at the front.
In our school, many events and collective creative activities are held for holidays and memorable dates.
In order to preserve the historical memory of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, a patriotic event was held at the KAU school.
The children spoke and sang shrilly about the war: about the fear of losing loved ones, patriotism and resistance to the enemy, about the fragile military happiness.
In the choral performance of children, such songs as "Victory Day", "Wide Country", "Katyusha", "Holy War", "Darkie", "Dugout", etc. were performed.
The music created during the Great Patriotic War is not only a heroic past. She is a living part of our life today. And the feat of the Soviet people will forever remain in our memory.
A song-symbol, a song-banner, a song-call - is a testament to the living, like a letter from the front.
Victory Day is a sacred date for us at all times. Celebrating May 9, we remember the heroic feat of our people, who managed to survive in a difficult battle with the enemy and return the long-awaited peace.
We wish you joy, creativity, a peaceful sky and happiness to all!
Happy Victory Day!

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