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UNESCO associated School at the Kazakh-American University
UNESCO associated School at the Kazakh-American University
The main idea is to enable the organization of the educational process of the school closer to the international requirements, including such elements as
A Brief History
UNESCO Associated School at KAU is a subdivision of the non-state non-profit institution "Kazakh-American University".
Certification and Accreditation
In existence since 1998. State license number 0008286.
Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees - a public form of government educational institution.
Teaching staff
In existence since 1998. State license number 0008286.
Human Resourses Department of "KAU" - one of the main structural units of the university
School news
Будь в курсе новостей своей школы...
Alumni Association
Frequently Asked Questions
Media about School at KAU/Publications
5 facts about the School at KAU
Advantages of the KAU school
The School Board of Trustees at KAU
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School pride