The canteen of the school at KAU


   In the school at KAU canteen it is provided 3-time meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for children of junior level from 0 to 4 grades, 2-time meals a day (lunch, afternoon snack) for children of middle and senior level from 5 to 11 grades.
The school at KAU canteen consists of 2 halls.
There is a hall for children of junior and middle level from 0 to 6 grades and a hall for senior children from 7 to 11 grades, there is also a separate zone fenced with stained glass for preschool children.
For the children of junior and middle level dishes are served on dining tables. The children of junior and middle level accompanied by their advisors come to the canteen.
For senior children there is a choice of meals for lunch which is given through the distribution and the afternoon snack is given through the distribution.
The menu for the schoolchildren is made in concert with the pediatrician of the school. The menu meets all the requirements ofHealth Inspection Services taking into account the age category of children. Before eating there is inspection of the meal which is performed by the doctor and all the members of the quality-control commission.
The children come to the canteen according to the specific schedule. The children of the junior level do not intersect with the senior and middle level children.



The composition of the control commission for the 2017-2018 academic year
1. Khovdahan A. - pediatrician at the medical center of School at KAU
2. Dzhunuspekova A.M. - Deputy Director of School at KAU
3. Tleuova Zh.E. - production director
4. Filippova N.M. - representative of the parent committee of School at KAU