Sport sections and clubs:

1. Dombra

2. Choreography

3. Visual arts-painting

4. Chess

5. Football

6. Tennis

7. Basketball


The all-round development of young people is the main priority of learning.

Additional education of children of school at KAU is a type of education aimed at fully satisfying the student's educational needs for intellectual, spiritual, moral, physical and professional improvement. It is an inalienable part of the educational foundation on which the person of a child is formed.

In addition to the main training, school at KAU offers additional education with a set of clubs and sports sections, which are led by team also includes real professionals of their business and are responsible for conducting classes in compliance with safety regulations, which is not unimportant in the process of working with children. Any student has the right to choose a total of three clubs and a sports section at their discretion, which are included in the tuition fee.

Each child is talented and unique in its own way, you just have to notice in time, support and during their upbringing to develop sprouts of children's creative talent. Parents, teachers should help the child to "open up", to show their best qualities, to maximize their potential. This means that we must create a psychological climate for each child. Dancing clubs, dombra, painting are held in equipped rooms according to all modern criteria.

The school at KAU with supplementary education is ready to offer the child a wide range of educational programs for various types of creative activities. One of the most popular among children and parents is art additional education. Art and artistic creativity allow us to pass on to children the spiritual experience of humanity, which contributes to the restoration of ties between generations. Supplementary education of children of art-related faculties (music and dance clubs, creative workshops) contributes to the education of a creative personality, helps to develop communication skills, the ability to express themselves.

The most favourite instrument of the Kazakh people is the dombra, but that does not mean that Kazakhs play it. At school, children of different nationalities choose a dombra circle and often become laureates of Republican competitions.

Physical culture and sport activities in the system of additional education for children are focused on the physical improvement of the child, development of a healthy lifestyle. The task is a priority for the school and for the family. Development of junior and youth sport should be implemented in the establishment of physical culture,health and sports clubs.





Anatoly Karpov:

- Chess teaches you to correctly assess your strength, to analyze, to think logically, not to mention that a chess game develops memory.