The school at KAU established body of student self-government - the Council of the leaders. The Council consists of the leaders of all class groups. An activity of the Board is determined in accordance with the Statute of the school and the position of the Leadership Council.
Leadership Council aims to actively promote the cohesive team as an effective means of educating students, the formation of each of them conscious and responsible attitude to their rights and duties. The main purpose of the Council is the formation of highly moral leaders of the creative and active person on the basis of initiation to human values and realization of the rights of students to participate in the management of educational institutions.
The objectives of the school self-government are:
 the establishment of the educational system through the formation of a unified whole school community;
 the communion of the individual to the universal human values, learning the personality of social norms through participation in school life;
 creation of conditions for self-expression, self-assertion and implementation of each individual by providing a wide variety of destinations and activities;
 the development of creativity, initiative, active citizenship of students;
 creation of conditions for the development of relations of caring for each other, the younger ones, mutual respect of children and adults.

The board of school leader:

1. Andreev Ilya - Leader of the school
2. Zhomartova Ayim – leader of 11B grade
3. Bolesta Alexandr – leader of 9В grade
4. Nurgazieva Anara – leader of 8В grade
5. Karagezova Leila – leader of 7В grade
6. Kaharova Shahsanam – leader of 6Д2 grade
7. Ogay Michael –leader of 6Д3 grade
8. Azieva Amina – leader of 5Д2 grade