QUESTION:           How to apply to KAU School?
ANSWER:             To enroll in KAU School, you must provide the following documents:
– pass an interview and testing on a competitive basis.
– written statement of parents or other legal representatives
– child’s health passport
– copies of birth certificate and IIN, etc.
QUESTION:           What are the advantages of KAU School?
ANSWER:              KAU School corresponds to the best models of Kazakh and American schools and has three profiles: humanitarian; economic; natural and technical.
QUESTION:            How is the educational process at KAU School?
ANSWER:               The educational process takes place from 8:00 to 16:00. The classroom capacity is 12-15 people, which allows teachers to pay attention to each child. Lessons are 45 minutes long with 5 minute breaks and a big break for lunch.
QUESTION:             Isn’t it too much workload for students to study from 8:00 to 16:00?
ANSWER:                 The schedule includes time for rest, food, extra activities, and even homework. Morning at school begins with breakfast, after the fifth lesson – lunch with a big break. Then again lessons, afternoon tea. In the afternoon, the guys are engaged only in electives, do their homework or have a rest.
QUESTION:               How do you monitor the progress of children?
ANSWER:                  The number of students in classes is twelve to sixteen people. In a team of this size, no one is deprived of attention or distraction. We are attentive to the interests of children. For example, if a child’s soul lies in physics, then we offer him to prepare projects, participate in Olympiads, consult with teachers to a greater extent, and so on.
QUESTION:               What kind of clubs work at KAU School to develop creativity and organize the free time of elementary school students?
ANSWER:                  For the development of creativity and the organization of free time of elementary school students in the school at KAU there are such circles and sections as “Choir”, “Choreography”, “Art”, “Dombra”, “Chess”, “Table Tennis”, “Football”, ” Basketball “,” Volleyball “.
QUESTION:               What languages are taught at KAU School?
ANSWER:                  Kazakh, Russian, English and Chinese languages are studied in our school.

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