KAU Canteen

The Canteen at KAU school provides 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for primary school children and 2 meals a day (lunch and an afternoon snack) for middle and secondary school children.

The canteen of KAU school consists of 2 halls. A hall for primary and middle school children and another one for high school , there is also a separate area fenced for preschool children.

For primary and middle school children, meals are set up on lunch tables. Also they come to the canteen accompanied by a supervisor.
High school students may choose their lunch, and an afternoon snack is given through a handout.
The school menu is drawn up in agreement with the paediatrician. The menu complies with the requirements of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Authority (SES), taking into account the age category of the children. Before the children eat their meals, the doctor and members of the Food Safety Committee are required to take a food control test.
Children come to canteen according to a specific schedule. Younger children do not overlap with older and middle-level children.

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