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Frequently Asked Questions


In order to enter the school at KAU, the following documents must be submitted:

- a written statement from the parents or other legal representatives

- the child's health passport

- copies of the birth certificate and IIN

- an interview and testing.



To develop creativity and organize free time for primary school students at, the following groups and sections work at school: “Chorus”, “Choreography”, “Art”,” Dombra”, “Table Tennis”, “Football”, “Basketball” , "Volleyball".


Teaching of subjects is carried out in Kazakh, Russian, English and Chinese languages.


In the first grade, assessments are issued from the second half of the year. This is justified by the fact that the child is at the very beginning of the educational path. By the end of the first year of schooling, it is already possible to judge the degree of success of a junior schoolchild. In the first grade, the main emphasis is on the acquisition of skills in the teaching work. A verbal or conditionally significant evaluation is also often present in the teacher's work with the student.

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